Re: jaws and Hope (accessible version of pandora)

Steve Nutt

Hi Jessica,


If you mean the audio ducking checkbox, that should duck audio when JAWS is speaking.  If you know you have it checked, it should work.


But you can also turn the volume down of Hope independently, if you are using Windows 10.  Go to the System Tray select your soundcard, then Playback properties.  Select the Levels tab, then tab around, and you’ll hear Hope in there.  When you reach it, move the slider to the left to bring it down.  Do this while your station is paused.


Windows 10 has independent volumes for running apps, so make sure Hope is running at the time.


All the best



From: <> On Behalf Of Jessica D
Sent: 04 September 2018 15:33
Subject: jaws and Hope (accessible version of pandora)



I’m using jaws2018, and wish to play music, using Hope, an accessible version of pandora.


However, when I play a station, the music goes overtop of jaws, despite the fact that the relevant  checkbox is checked.


What can I do?





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