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What purpose does that serve when turning off the to do bar vs minimize or

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Hello Eileen;

Here's a link which will provide you with a comprehensive list of shortcut
keystrokes for outlook; Also, assuming you have the jaws virtual ribbon off,
To deal with the Reading pane do the following; From the inbox of outlook;
Presss alt+v=view, Now, press the letters, P&n Now, you have choice, Use the
tab key, Until you hear, Off, Press enter.
Also for the navigation pane, should be set on normal, To check this,
Now press the letter "P"
Also you may want to turn off the to-do-bar off,
Now press the letter "b".

The link for the outlook keystrokes is:

Hello there;

Give the following a whirl;

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I need help learning to use Office 2010 with JFW version 13.

I have been using Office XP Pro and going to Office 2010 is a nightmare.

Can someone give me a list of what has to be removed from Outlook 2010 such
as the reading Pane and how to do it? Also, any other suggestions as to how
to use Office 2010.

Thanks for any help,


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