Am I to conclude that the Thunderbird mailing list mechanism simply cannot be used by a blind person?

Lee Maschmeyer

Hi all,

First of all, everybody, but EVERYBODY, assures me that it's very easy to set up a mailing list in Thunderbird. I don't know why it works for them and they don't know why it doesn't for me. But it doesn't for me. Now you know as much as I do. <grin>

What I think I have done is to set up a single mailbox containing about 34 entries. One of these entries is a mailing list which should ultimately contain about 29 of those entries. It's getting those entries into the mailing list which is causing monumental problems. I think Jaws isn't telling me everything relevant on the screen.

I have both speech and Braille turned on. I have Screen Echo set to All. But I still can't tell what names are in the mailing list.

It has dawned on me that perhaps I could copy all the names from the address book to a new book and then delete the ones I don't want there. Is this possible? Are there unintended side effects? Does Thunderbird use colors instead of highlighting to show what's selected? Is it easy for a sighted friend who is not computer savvy to help with setting up a mailing list?

Thanks for any suggestions,


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