Re: Latest Jaws and word 2003



         I offer the following for your consideration and for the consideration of those in the same situation you are in and I was in, to a lesser extent, until very recently.

         As versions of Office get more and more removed from active support screen readers, and many other things, become less and less capable of interacting with it because they keep updating to keep up with Office and Windows as a whole as well.

         With recent changes in laws in the EU, it has become illegal for Microsoft to tie a single machine license truly to a single machine, but only to a single machine at any point in time.  This has resulted in a cottage industry of individuals buying up computers that are being deaccessioned by businesses, government offices, etc., and extracting the license keys for the MS-Office that was installed on each of them, resetting them, then reselling them.  I have recently updated 4 of my computers to Office 2015 Pro Plus for less than $10 per machine, all purchased from eBay from sellers that have thousands of sales and very high satisfaction ratings.

          It is well worth considering updating your Office suite to a much more recent version, as the difficulties you are encountering are only going to become more frequent and, eventually, will not be able to be solved.

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