Re: Graphics spoken on folder names in some programs?

Marion Woods <marion_woods38@...>

Hi Dondi,

Thanks for the info, it worked fine, I had to navigate to the graphics verbosity
a different way, but the result was the same.
Many thanks,


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Subject: Graphics spoken on folder names in some programs?

Hi all,

Since upgrading from JFW6.2 to JFW11, I have found when using certain programs
namely, the SendSpace Wizard, when viewing folders in the remote browser folder
names are proceeded by, Jaws announcing "Graphics" then the folder name. This
occasionally happens in a couple of other programs as well. Otherwise, JFW11 is
working great. I am using Windows XP, I have checked the basic settings in
JFW11 without success , it's not a critical problem, just annoying, can anyone


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