Re: HP Envy Laptop, disabling Mouse/touch pad


Are you not able to disable it under Device Manager, Mice and other pointing devices?

You can definitely do as Don has mentioned and check the setting that's available in every mouse pad driver I know of to disable it if an external pointing device is plugged in.  There are lots of wireless mice available, even in thrift shops, where all it takes is the nano dongle.

That being said, I have often used the ultra-low tech solution with my clients:  putting a piece of stiff cardboard, such as what's on the back of a notepad, over it, taped down on one edge (usually the left).  This is very effective in blocking mousepad touches while leaving you both the left and right mouse hard buttons, which can be very handy as opposed to the screen reader emulation for same.  In addition, if you have any sighted help with even moderate frequency it's much quicker to flip over that cardboard so they have full mousepad access without having to fiddle with Device Manager.


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