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hi, did you try arrowing down where it says non?

On Sun, 2 Sep 2018 15:00:39 -0700, "Bill White" wrote:

I tried the DSP effects in Winamp, and it says, none. When I click get plugins, it says page not found.


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hi, been looking around on line never heard of audacity until a couple days ago even back in my sonar days. hmm wonder why. might give it a try.
too bad about sonar.
for backwards music things try the dsp's   that comes with winamp. preferences then you should see dsp effects.  


On Sun, 02 Sep 2018 09:04:21 -0700, "Brian Vogel" wrote:

Audacity is as easy to use as any complex software can be with JAWS.  It seems to be the audio editor of choice for many screen reader users.

And, yes, there is a built-in filter that allows you to slow down music without the pitch changing.  I had to do that for someone I was helping to put together the music and other audio for a dressage routine.

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