Re: Hello All Will there jaws 19 coming out?

O.Addison Gethers

Hi HTH  The reason why I didn’t installed jaws 2018  because the man who repairs and computer programmer and computer technology was trying to repaired jaws 18 and I told him that my sister give me a package from FS so she opened it and say it was jaws 2018 disc so he looked at it and say leave that alone for while that was last year in November!! See I don’t know how FS mailed the jaws 2018  tomy sister and FS didn’t tell me about it in email or called me.




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Subject: Re: Hello All Will there jaws 19 coming out?


Dear, in about two weaks time the first public beta of JAWS 2019 will be out.

Final version of JAWS 2019 will be out in the last weak of October 2018.

Why didn’t you installed JAWS 2018?

In my humble opinion, JAWS has launched a very nice feature called screen shade in JAWS 2018!


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From: O.Addison Gethers
Sent: Sunday, September 2, 2018 5:28 AM
Subject: Hello All Will there jaws 19 coming out?


Hell All Will there be jaws 19 coming out? I’m using Jaws 18 and haven’t installed jaws 2018  on desktop and laptop computer that I received from FS since last year!! Do I need to installed jaws 2018 on both computer? I heard someone mentioned about jaws 2019 ,I haven’t heard and received email from FS letting me know something and my sister haven’t received email from FS either about jaws update and etc !! What do I need to get this matter with FS? Thank you






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