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Hi, Turab. If you change to Basic View, it will change the view for everyone who uses the same login and password, because you are changing the account at the Internet Web Page level, not at the level of an email client on your own machine.

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Hi Shankar,
Thanks a lot for your suggestions.
Will follow the steps. I have the following additional concerns.
1. If I change the view in my system, will the view change for others as well?
2. Are the features in Basic HTML view lesser as compared to Standard View?

On 9/2/18, Shankar C <> wrote:
Hi, if your office uses gmail for the Communication, do the following.
1. login with the gmail using your credentials.
2. once you login, the screen reader may announce loading gmail….
3. press letter b key.
4. the screen reader should announce load basic html button, now just
activate the button by pressing space or enter key.
5. now you can view your gmail with basic html.

if you want to set this as default view, go to the links list and
press letter s until your screen reader says set as default view, and
activate the link.

On 8/27/18, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
Do you have the Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts (
) turned on? They are off by default.

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