Re: jaws video card and dvd wmp

HH. Smith Jr.


I rarely turn on or plug in my monitor. The only time I use my monitor is when I am repairing or working on a computer that won’t boot up its’ operating system or when someone is looking over my shoulder at the screen. When my monitor is on I have a tendency of trying to follow the cursor as it moves across the screen and that gives me a tremendous headache. It is a bad habit and I can’t seem to stop it so I keep the screen turned off until required to turn it on.

To answer the second question, JAWS intercepts the video signal before it gets to the monitor. I am pretty sure I’m correct on this, but open for correction.




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Sent: Friday, August 31, 2018 11:44 AM
Subject: jaws video card and dvd wmp


hello, just wondering if there is a way of watching copy protected dvd's without having to plug in the monitor.
isn't jaws somehow linked to the video card driver to protect it being copied?
I wonder how many on this list actually have their monitors plugged in.

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