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Dean Martineau <topdot@...>

I assume you've tried, and copy and paste doesn't work. Anyway, here's a snippet from the JAWS help file:

This command is used to drag items from one location and drop them in another. Position the JAWS Cursor on the item you wish to move and press CTRL+INSERT+NUM PAD SLASH. You can leave the JAWS Cursor active, or you can switch to the PC Cursor. JAWS will keep speaking as you navigate. Once you have positioned the JAWS or PC Cursor in the location to which you would like to move the item, press CTRL+INSERT+NUM PAD SLASH again, and the item will be moved to the position of the active cursor.

Thought-provoking reading:

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Subject: dragging and dropping with jaws

My name is Hunter, and I am new here. I have a question that I hope
you can help me with. I run an internet radio station, and my
streaming provider uses centovacast for the server. It has an auto dj
feature, but when you want to add songs into a particular playlist,
you have to drag it from your media folder, into the playlist. I was
wondering if anyone knows an accessible way I can do that. Right now,
I am using sighted assistance to do that. I hope you can help. Thanks.


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