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Jim Portillo

Thanks so much, Bill. I appreciate it. I’ll try it in a bit.

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Hi again, Jim. Now that I have given you options for turning off Paragraph markers, space markers and New Line in Word, I will tell you how to turn off paragraph markers and New Line in JAWS.

1. Open Word.
2. Press INSERT plus V to open Quick Settings in JAWS.
3. Arrow down to Editing Options.
4. Arrow down to "New Lines and Paragraphs Indication".

5. Make sure "New Lines and Paragraphs Indication" is Off.
6. If it is not off, Press SPACE to turn it off, then TAB to OK, and press ENTER.

Bill White

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I know this has been mentioned in the past, but I don't remember the answer.
I was working on a document earlier, and I kept hearing "Space Marker"
and "Paragraph Marker" being spoken. Is there a setting to turn this
off? Is this a JAWS thing, or is it more of an Office thing?
Any help would be appreciated.
Jim Portillo

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