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Hi, Jim. Here are three different methods for stopping space markers and paragraph markers from being spoken.

Two Alternate Ways To Stop Announcement of Paragraph And Space Markers

1. Press CONTROL SHIFT 8 (on the numbers row.

Second Way:

Press ALT plus H, followed by 8 (on the numbers row)

Third Way To Stop Announcement of Paragraphs And Spaces

press ALT, then F for the file ribbon, then T for options dialog.
Type D or arrow to select the Display category and press TAB until you get to the "Show these formatting marks" on the screen section.
Make sure the following are unchecked (press the spacebar to check or uncheck and continue to TAB to the next setting):

Tab characters check box
Spaces check box
Paragraph marks check box
Show all formatting marks check box

the last one, the Show all formatting marks check box, is important to uncheck.
keep pressing TAB to and SPACEBAR on the OK button.

Bill White

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I know this has been mentioned in the past, but I don't remember the answer.
I was working on a document earlier, and I kept hearing "Space Marker"
and "Paragraph Marker" being spoken. Is there a setting to turn this
off? Is this a JAWS thing, or is it more of an Office thing?
Any help would be appreciated.
Jim Portillo

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