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Tom Babinszki

For thelife of me, I can’t figure out 1password.

Can somebody give a quick step by step overview?

I am trying to use the Chrome extension.

Once I fill out the username and password, I open the 1password menu from the toolbar, where I get a suggestion. For the sake of this example, I went to

I don’t know how to save this suggestion. When I’m looking at the 1password help, it says login first, then save your login from 1password, but I can’t find a save option there.

What am I doing wrong?

Given the features of 1password, I would like to make it work if possible, but not at the expense of running extra circles. I could just type it up on my iPhone but that defeats the purpose.

Thank you:




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Wondering on what folks think of this versus one password which I have read many folks like as well?




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I will again recommend Password Safe, which is still 100% accessible, open source, and has both an Android and iOS clone named PasswdSafe.

It can generate passwords, do auto fill in, taking you straight to the website triggered from within Password Safe itself, and you can choose to use cloud storage for your encrypted password safe file if you wish to be able to have one master file that's accessed from multiple devices and always up-to-date on all of them.

And you can't beat free.

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