Re: Is This An Office or a JAWS Problem?

Christopher Zeigler

Hello here is my suggestion it's the only restarting your computer every time Jaws crashes
Step one when Jon's crashes Chris Windows control and inter this will launch narrator
Step 2 open task manager
Step 3 find Ness processes in the background processes as well any Jaws processes that load every time John starts there might be one or more listed under AI I squared
Once you find processes one by one using the arrow keys with narrator end the background processes then start Jaws again and exit narrator pressing Ctrl Windows enter will exit narrator.
I hope I make sense here on these steps if not please let me know because I can clarify

On Tue, Aug 28, 2018, 12:22 PM Steve Nutt <steve@...> wrote:



This is a known problem.  I have reported it to Freedom Scientific, but had no acknowledgement from them.


I have had acknowledgement though from our UK distributor, Sight And Sound, who confirm it is a problem.


Meanwhile, I have to load NVDA every time I want to create a mailing.


All the best




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Subject: Is This An Office or a JAWS Problem?


Dear Listers:


I am using the latest update to JAWS 2018 and am also using Windows 10.


Ever since I downloaded the latest JAWS update I have not been able to address an envelope using MS Word.  The version of Word I am using is Word 2010.  Whenever I get into Word I first arrow over to the Mailings tab.  When I find it I tab until I hear JAWS say, “Create an Envelope.”  I hit the Enter key.  The forwarding address dialog pops up.  I enter the address.  I tab once, but after the second tab I hear JAWS say, “MSO Generic Container.”  JAWS will crash, and in order to get it to speak again I have to shut down and then boot up my computer all over again.  I tried to address an envelope using an older version of JAWS and had no trouble at all.  No “MSO Generic Container,” dialog at all.  This leads me to wonder if it is a bug in JAWS’s latest update.  I wonder what this dialog even means.  Have any of you seen this dialog in MS Word?  If so, what did you do about it?



Rick Miller


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