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I wasn’t using it to do two programs. I set it up to do both in sequence: go to IE and then launch Bookshare.

Learned it from one of Cathy Ann’s books.

Worked great on old machine;

Not so great on the new one.

Both win 10.



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You cant use the same hotkey for two different programs



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Subject: Hot Keys


Would any of this have to do with the fact that when I create a hot key that opens IE and then Bookshare, the hot key discontinues working? This did not happen on my old win 10 machine, but only on the newer laptop.

On the laptop, it only works once. If I go back in and retype the hot key letters (which are already in that field), it works again, but again only once.

Also are hot keys Jaws or Windows related?






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On Sat, Aug 25, 2018 at 09:36 PM, Jeremy wrote:

You can't right click on the shortcut to a program and say, "Open with," something else.

And, you can't.  You can't for a URL shortcut, either.

If you want a URL shortcut to open with a dedicated browser you have to engineer it.

I have no time for arguing with someone who wishes to pick nits when I've given a rule that applies 100% of the time with regard to URL shortcuts that are created via "the usual methods" and are not custom tweaked afterward.

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