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George B

office xp pro was the name given to office 2002

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You're mixing up a lot of things here.

Office XP Pro is a non-sequitor. I suspect you mean you used to have

The reading pane is specific to Outlook such as Outlook 2003 and
2010. It is not part of the Office 2010 suite like Word or Excel.

So which do you actually have?

Which Operating System do you have? XP or Windows 7?

Exactly what program do you need help with? Word, Excel, Powerpoint,

Look at the web site, on the training page.
are materials there on how to get around in the new ribbon, which I
is part of your concern. But then again it's really not clear from what
you're providing.

Dave Carlson
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Subject: [Bulk] JFW and Office 2010

I need help learning to use Office 2010 with JFW version 13.

I have been using Office XP Pro and going to Office 2010 is a

Can someone give me a list of what has to be removed from Outlook 2010
as the reading Pane and how to do it? Also, any other suggestions as
to how
to use Office 2010.

Thanks for any help,


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