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You really don't have to use the webpage interface unless you need to update things in the valt that it keeps. You can do everything else through the browser extensions, including automatically generate passwords. It will also autofill for you and if you're not extremely security conscious that's very convenient to have long, 30 character passwords automatically put in for you.

On 8/25/2018 6:27 PM, Jeremy wrote:
Hi Mario,

About a year ago I took LastPass for a test drive, and I was not happy with it. Yes, it has ad-owns/extensions for most browsers, and it will work as advertised. As a full time JAWS user, I just didn't like the webpage interface, and I didn't like the immense amount of similar features, which resulted in tricky reading since there is such a thing as too much information. You can of course give it a shot for yourself, and I'm sure there are many on these lists using it, but man, there seems to be quite a learning curve. At the time I just didn't have the time to learn how to use it as thoroughly as I'd like, so I abandoned the whole idea and went back to KeePass, which is free and easy to use. :)


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Hope, I don't recall your status of vision impairment, but I totally rely on JAWS because I do not have sufficient vision to attempt to read the display. I forgot if you're using Windows 10 and I'm wondering if LastPass is JAWS friendly or is there a lot of using the JAWS cursor to perform actions?

I'm also wondering if LastPass is installed and the user specifies which
browser(s) are used, or is there plugins/addons/extensions for the major browsers that need to be installed?

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I will always love and recommend LastPass! https:/// When you install the extension, it puts everything right in the context ( and/or the right click,) menu of the browser you're using so it's very convenient.


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