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Ed Legge <edward.legge@...>

Jared, if I may, could you give me a little more instruction on the steps for using the f3 to do a search in my Outlook.




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Subject: Re: Creating Webpage Desktop Shortcuts for Any Web Browser


I’m sorry, but you’re obviously losing track of your own posts. What you stated I said, is actually your own words.


You may want to review this entire thread to understand where you went wrong. I believe I clearly posted the information, but for whatever reason you’re not accepting it and coming up with justifications to walk away from your misunderstanding.


Look, I’m not hear to argue, I want to help others, but there’s some knowledgeable people on these various lists whom experience a great amount of ego threat once their poor or incorrect suggestions are questioned. The goal of this list and similar lists is the accumulation of knowledge which will benefit the group and not a single individual. My apologies for not accurately considering the level to which my posts may come off to others. I will work on it, though I can’t predict how others will respond, nor can I satisfy everyone. It is also the responsibility of the reader not to take offense to a reply to their post; especially if it has proven to be incorrect.


My apologies to the list,




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Subject: Re: Creating Webpage Desktop Shortcuts for Any Web Browser


On Sat, Aug 25, 2018 at 09:36 PM, Jeremy wrote:

You can't right click on the shortcut to a program and say, "Open with," something else.

And, you can't.  You can't for a URL shortcut, either.

If you want a URL shortcut to open with a dedicated browser you have to engineer it.

I have no time for arguing with someone who wishes to pick nits when I've given a rule that applies 100% of the time with regard to URL shortcuts that are created via "the usual methods" and are not custom tweaked afterward.

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