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No, you emphatically stated one could not create a desktop shortcut to a webpage using a specific browser of one’s choice, and I stated it can in fact be done. As I read my email for the day, you came to this realization once Mario posted his message on the matter.


Here is your previous post:

“That's not how desktop shortcuts, except those to files, have ever worked.


You can't right click on the shortcut to a program and say, "Open with," something else.


I have never heard of anyone, prior to now, wanting web URLs to open with anything other than the web browser of their choosing.  If they want to use another one then they can open the shortcut itself, copy the URL, open the other web browser wanted at the moment, and paste it in.”




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On Sat, Aug 25, 2018 at 08:45 PM, Jeremy wrote:

The information below is not true at all.

It is true and it describes the default behavior.  I've already discussed, as have others, including yourself, how to make specific shortcuts use specific browsers to open them.  This, however, must be forced by adding the full path to the browser executable you wish to use as part and parcel of the shortcut.

If you have a shortcut that is nothing but a URL it will always use whatever browser is defined as the default browser on that Windows system to open.

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