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Hi Mario,

About a year ago I took LastPass for a test drive, and I was not happy with it. Yes, it has ad-owns/extensions for most browsers, and it will work as advertised. As a full time JAWS user, I just didn't like the webpage interface, and I didn't like the immense amount of similar features, which resulted in tricky reading since there is such a thing as too much information. You can of course give it a shot for yourself, and I'm sure there are many on these lists using it, but man, there seems to be quite a learning curve. At the time I just didn't have the time to learn how to use it as thoroughly as I'd like, so I abandoned the whole idea and went back to KeePass, which is free and easy to use. :)


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Hope, I don't recall your status of vision impairment, but I totally rely on JAWS because I do not have sufficient vision to attempt to read the display. I forgot if you're using Windows 10 and I'm wondering if LastPass is JAWS friendly or is there a lot of using the JAWS cursor to perform actions?

I'm also wondering if LastPass is installed and the user specifies which
browser(s) are used, or is there plugins/addons/extensions for the major browsers that need to be installed?

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I will always love and recommend LastPass! https:/// When you install the extension, it puts everything right in the context ( and/or the right click,) menu of the browser you're using so it's very convenient.


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