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Jeremy <jeremy.richards7@...>

Hi Bill,


I stated you could essentially run the same search using the Outlook Instant Search pane, but didn’t mean an identical search as the advanced search you are referring too.


For those whom have actually learned the method of searching using the Instant Search pane (F3), what you just stated can be done with the advanced search can also be done by pressing F3, which is why I suggested my faster method. Using F3 one can obtain the same result you suggested by omitting all operators and keywords. You might want to learn how to use the F3 method as it is not discussed much on these lists, and I think you could really benefit from using it if you run lots of searches.


The only time I’ve bothered with the Outlook advanced search is when I have read others on these lists suggest it. I thought maybe I was missing out on something, but to me it is a less inferior and slower method of searching than using F3.


Using the Advanced search in Outlook is comparable to using the old Windows+F search in Windows XP, which I find inferior to using the newer index searching in modern versions of Windows.




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Subject: Re: Finding and accessing emails in Outlook using JAWS


Hi, JR. When you do a search using F3, it is not the same as doing one with CONTROL plus SHIFT plus F. When using CONTROL plus SHIFT plus F, there is a category which allows you to select whether you want the search done using subject, body, or frequently used text fields. The default is Subject. You won’t find as many hits with Subject as you will with frequently used text fields, and you won’t find this category in your search using F3.



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Subject: Re: Finding and accessing emails in Outlook using JAWS


Actually, a faster method of accessing the same search box Seagar uses is to press F3. You can essentially run the same exact search within Outlook than one can run using the ControlAltF Advanced search method except there’s less tabbing using F3 as opposed to the Advanced search.


The Outlook search box can be used to find specific events or appointments within the calendar. You can also use the search box to find very specific pieces of information contained within your contacts such as birthday and family relationships. Press F3 then type in an area code to show all individuals in that area code. If you keep good notes per contact, you can quickly find business contacts using this search field.


There are some customizations you can make to specify where you want Outlook to search (inbox or all mail folders), but using the search box in Outlook is very easy, quick, and incredibly efficient for managing information associated with friends, family, and business.




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Do you ever use the Ctrl shift F command as alluded to in the initial post? Seems to be a lot more filtering options with that option. If so, any suggestions as usually your input is pretty thorough?




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I usually use Control+E to go to the search box, type my search term, press enter and then I press Shift+Tab which puts me in a list of messages, the Inbox I guess with only those messages showing which meet the search term.



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Subject: Finding and accessing emails in Outlook using JAWS


I use JAWS 2018 in my Windows 10 PC. I use Outlook and was trying to find a particular email and used Shift + Ctrl + F for the same. The dialogue box popped up and I typed in what I was looking for. The email that was found using this method shows at the bottom of the dialogue box. However, I was unable to access it using the keyboard. Pressing Tab key took me back to the top of the dialogue box but not to the email that was found. The email, however, can be accessed by clicking on it. Can anyone help me on how I can access it using Keyboard?

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