Re: Creating Webpage Desktop Shortcuts for Any Web Browser

Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Brian. How do you know when you are on the “page icon, left of the address bar? I have never been able to locate this icon, even using the JAWS cursor.


Bill White



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Sent: Saturday, August 25, 2018 11:59 AM
Subject: Re: Creating Webpage Desktop Shortcuts for Any Web Browser


That's not how desktop shortcuts, except those to files, have ever worked.

You can't right click on the shortcut to a program and say, "Open with," something else.

I have never heard of anyone, prior to now, wanting web URLs to open with anything other than the web browser of their choosing.  If they want to use another one then they can open the shortcut itself, copy the URL, open the other web browser wanted at the moment, and paste it in.

Web desktop shortcuts have always opened with the default web browser from day one.

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