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mike mcglashon

I think the is sue really:

That, if there is a shortcut on the desktop,

We should be able to “right click” and select “open with” and select the program, (including the browser desired);

I don’t believe that this article addresses that functionality;


Please advise as necessary;


Mike m.


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Subject: Creating Webpage Desktop Shortcuts for Any Web Browser


See this article on entitled, How To Create Website Shortcut On Desktop In Windows 10, which gives you alternative methods for creating desktop shortcuts to websites that are applicable no matter what web browser you're using.  They're applicable on earlier versions of Windows, too.

If your default web browser is something other than Internet Explorer (and it should be) you can still use the trick of using IE to view the webpage you want the shortcut for then invoke it's Create Shortcut function.  The shortcut on the desktop will open in whatever your chosen default web browser happens to be, as what's created is nothing more than a shortcut to a web page and those are always opened by the default web browser you've chosen.

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