JFW and Excel 2013 auto filter

Boston, Jason W


I’ve seen this issue with any version of JFW that supports Excel 2013  and later.


When using auto filter if any given column you want to filter has very many unique occurrences, JFW slows down the process. The more unique values, the slower Jaws is to open up the drop down.


Now by many unique occurrences, I mean 20000 or more unique occurrences. I use excel to dig into data when it’s a single table.

Just to clarify, if a column has 5 different values, but there are 20000 rows, it still opens instantly, but if all 20000 occurrences are unique like a Social Security number or some ID number, then it’s very slow.


Any suggestions on how to make auto filter open up quicker? In Excel 2010 this was not an issue.


I’ve also  tested this by having a spreadsheet open, trying to open the drop down with Jaws on and it goes slow. I can then turn Jaws off and have a sighted person click on the dropdown arrow and it opens up immediately. I can turn Jaws back on and try to open the same dropdown and it’s slow just like it was before.


In Excel if you hold down the alt  key and press down arrow this is how you open the drop down, just like a combo box.






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