Re: Excel reading problem on Surface tablet

Jeremy <jeremy.richards7@...>

Ok, again, I'm providing support sight unseen so please take with a grain of
salt... We may have to delve a bit deeper. I don't know how far down the
rabbit hole you want to get, but some things to consider are a repair of
Office, since your tablet is new, maybe a reset or refresh of Windows 10,
but I would first call the Microsoft helpdesk to see what they have to say
about this problem. You may have to call back to speak with a second
technician as they vary in their technical knowledge and ability. If you're
a busy person, it might be easier to start from scratch rather than spending
the next two weeks trying to figure this out. :)

It is interesting that NVDA and Narrator don't have a problem with Excel,
and I'm thinking all the troubleshooting modifications you made to JAWS
could be an issue, but again, you will have to weigh your options. Before
going as far as a reset or refresh, I would try completely uninstalling JAWS
and all its components then reinstalling once again.


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From: <> On Behalf Of Tom Babinszki
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2018 7:20 AM
Subject: Re: Excel reading problem on Surface tablet

Thanks, I didn't know this feature.
So, same thing, practically nothing.
Let me describe further what is happening.
I press enter on an excel file from any folder, any file.
As it is loading, it may read the current cell. During the load, if I react
quickly, I can press arrow keys and I move to a different cell.
It appears after the Excel scripts are loading is when the problem starts.
At this point, when I press any of the arrow keys, nothing is happening.
I even tried pass key through, same thing.
The reason why I know nothing is happening is because I can use JAWS-Tab to
read the current cell.
Now when I press Control-home or control-end, I hear first cell, or last
cell, but the current cell content doesn't change.
Especially because of the pass key through results, I thought I had an
excel, and not a JAWS problem.
Now when I turn JAWS off and start Narrator or NVDA, I can see that my arrow
or any other navigation indeed did not take place. But from now on, with
another screen reader, everything works just fine.

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From: <> On Behalf Of Jeremy
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2018 9:55 AM
Subject: Re: Excel reading problem on Surface tablet

Hi Tom,

What does JAWS in default mode tell you? In other words, press
Insert+spacebar then the letter Z to make JAWS perform as if you just
installed it. Try this then launch Excel and see what happens.

By the way, for those whom have not used this feature, using the JAWS
default mode is a very good way to begin troubleshooting before deleting
files and performing all kinds of odd procedures. This mode makes JAWS
behave as it is freshly installed. This can help one determine if it is JAWS
acting up or some other Windows setting. For many cases, this will rule out
JAWS as the culprit.


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From: <> On Behalf Of Tom Babinszki
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2018 10:28 AM
Subject: Re: Excel reading problem on Surface tablet

In the meantime, I found that I have many different JAWs installs, settings,
I cleaned up everything, currently all I'm running is JAWS 2018, latest
update, out of the box.
Now the excel files are identical between Windows 7 and 10, still same

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From: <> On Behalf Of Jeremy
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2018 12:14 PM
Subject: Re: Excel reading problem on Surface tablet

Hi tom,

Since this Surface Pro is a new computer, are you certain it is on desktop
mode and not tablet mode? To check try this...

1. use the Start menu search box to look for the following:
Tablet mode settings

2. After opening tablet mode settings, the following is the very first item
you should land on:
When I sign in Combo box: Use X mode
Note: X stands for the various options in this combo box.

I should note that when I first purchased my Windows 10 tablet, it was
originally set to Tablet mode, and I had to use the arrow keys to change
this setting so my tablet would behave more like a desktop than a tablet.

I also want to add that on these lists individuals quickly throw around the
idea of performing a JAWS repair, but this isn't always necessary. In many
cases, users make lots of customizations to JAWS, and when a JAWS repair is
performed, these customizations are undone, which means setting up JAWS once
again--this takes time and effort. :)

Please let me know if my suggestion above helped in any way, and we'll take
it from there. :)


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From: <> On Behalf Of Tom Babinszki
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2018 4:21 PM
Subject: Excel reading problem on Surface tablet

My name is Tom Babinszki, I just joined the list.
I have an interesting Excel reading problem.
I just got a Surface Pro running Windows 10 Pro.
I am not able to navigate excel sheets. When I press a cursor key, nothing
happens. There are two exceptions, one when I press a cursor key while
starting Excel, or when I switch over to it while running JAWS repair.

It works just fine with NVDA and Narrator. I did try the same Excel sheet
with the latest version of JAWS on Windows 7, that works too.
Here is what I have tried:
I repaired and reinstalled JAWS. Currently I'm running the latest version,
but I also tried JAWS 18 and 17, same results.
I did call Freedom, they gave me some new scripts to install but to be
honest it even broke what already worked.

Also, it maybe worth mentioning that I am able to read the workbooks on the
Surface using the touch cursor, but that is limited, and since I do a lot of
keyboard entry the cursor navigation is necessary.

Thank you for any help:


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