Re: "Fast Startup" sound akin to Startup Sound, could we get one?

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Well, I don’t want to get into any sort of typical, heated user list discussions, but I asked for examples (plural). You gave me one. I don’t doubt your claim, I’m just saying fast boot may not be the cause of many issues people are experiencing since operating systems are complex. Of course I’ve not explored any of these individual’s computers, but I am a former tech and understand the subtleties of individual computers and how the operating system is supposed to perform for all users. I can also run a Google search on the Pope and find problems with him, suggesting Google searches for X, Y, and Z is not how one presents a good argument—too early for me to recall the name of this logical fallacy. . J  


All I can do is provide my opinion and desire to help, but sometimes discussions get out of hand, so please forgive me for walking away from a discussion which may end as such. J




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          You asked for an example, I gave you an example.  Spend approximately 30 seconds on a web search on "Windows 10 Fast Startup Problems" and the results you'll get and you'll realize this is far from an isolated incident.   And, by the way, Fast Startup is implemented the same in both OSes and, as I said before, the issues can come from something causing corruption in the hibernation file, and that does happen.  It's no different than the myriad problems that can creep in to web browsers via cache corruption that "magically disappear" if one simply purges cache.  The hibernation file is "OS Cache," and it can get screwed up completely independently of an OS that's perfectly fine.


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