Re: "Fast Startup" sound akin to Startup Sound, could we get one?


On Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 09:13 AM, Jeremy wrote:
Out of curiosity, what issues has this fast boot caused?
Taken directly from a client report written in November 2015, regarding a Windows 8 machine that was using Fast Startup and where the hibernation file used for same had become corrupted:

Caps Lock key was perpetually locked, backspace key did not work, up arrow and down arrow keys would not work.  He had already done a full system shutdown and restart and this did not clear the problems.  He acquired another portable wireless keyboard and mouse and the same behaviors were exhibited when these were in use, so the issue definitely was with the computer.   Windows 8 uses a form of shutdown known as a hybrid shutdown by default, where certain state information is written to a file at shutdown an read back in again upon restart.  I disabled this feature such that a shutdown completely powers down the laptop and retains no information regarding the prior session upon reboot.  This cleared all of the keyboard issues for the laptop and external keyboards upon rebooting.


I had never encountered anything like this before, and it was sheer luck that I eventually hit upon Fast Startup as the root cause.  The kinds of things that can go wrong if there is a corruption in the OS system state are myriad, and if that state is written out to a hibernation file and reloaded, you just carry it along.  Of course, one could do a forced Restart and that should clear it, but that's counterintuitive to those of us who have been taught for decades that using Shut Down was the definitive way to power the computer off and have Windows reload from scratch when powered up again.

If one wants to use Fast Startup then have at it.  Just realize that if you start to have inexplicable weirdness going on that doing a forced Restart, which does make Windows reload from the disc from scratch, is the first thing you should do.

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