Re: JAWS and Excel - problem reading cells still exists


Dear Allen,

Thank you for this Excel tip.

It solved my problem with JAWS not reading cell contents in Excel.

Also, thanks to all those who contributed to finding this solution.

Mr. Sameer Latey
Mumbai, India

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Here are some notes I saved from Branden a while back which fixed this
problem for me.

Excel problem
One issue we have encountered recently is with Editing text in Excel.
This has generated some helpful discussion and testing by users of GitHub,
and the NVDA e-mail group. For some Excel users, when pressing F2 to edit a
cell, NVDA announces "Unknown". It then won't read any text in that cell.
This seems to have started after a recent update from Microsoft. The
workaround that seems to fix the issue for most users, is to uncheck "Allow
editing directly in cells". Not everyone is experiencing this, but if you
are, you can change this setting by doing the following:
1. Have Excel open.
2. Press "alt+f" to open the file menu then press "t" for the options.
3. Press "control+tab" until the focus is on the "Advanced" options page.
4. Press "alt+e" to toggle the "Allow editing directly in cells"
option. Ensure that this is unchecked.
5. Press "enter" to save the changes. Editing cell contents should now work
Note that in turning this setting off, does change things slightly for
visual users:
. With editing directly in cells enabled, when F2 is pressed, the caret
appears in the cell itself. Text which would flow out of the cell flows to
the right, then to lines below. Cells covered by this text are hidden while
this happens. Text in the edited cell is coloured to highlight cell
references and parenthesis.
. With editing directly in cells disabled, when F2 is pressed, the caret
appears in the formula bar above the worksheet. Colouring of formula
elements is also done in the formula bar rather than the cell while editing.
Only text which fits in the cell is visible in the cell while the formula is
being edited.

I hope this helps,


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Subject: Re: JAWS and Excel - problem reading cells still exists

While my problem is slightly different, it also was still not fixed. Mine
can't read cell formulas with references to other cells. I notified VFO
that my incident has still not been fixed and they indicated the incident #
would be upgraded again for another look. I provided them large amounts of
doc a couple of months ago. I sure hope they get it this time as it causes
me quite a bit of difficulty working around it.
--hth ---

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Subject: JAWS and Excel - problem reading cells still exists

Hi all,

I hope others have different results, but I'm still experiencing the problem
of JAWS not being able to read text in cells within Excel when I press F2.

I have discovered that if I type 8 characters or less, I can press F2 and
arrow through the letters and make my edits. If the cell contains a word or
words with more than 8 characters, and if I press F2, JAWS cannot read the
text inside the cell. It appears it's the number of characters in a cell
that trips up JAWS.

Hmm, for whatever reason it seems as though VFO is struggling to fix this
problem since it has existed for quite a bit of time and different versions
of JAWS.


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