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Francisco Salvador Crespo

I decide no to use Tw Blue.

As I was logged in on an other computer, I copyed the appdata fowlder to the unlogged machine and got it working.


Hope this helps.




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No. For those of us who have been logged in, there’s no change so far. So, if you’ve previously been authorized, then ride ride that bad boy until the wheels fall off if CN is your client of choice.

TW Blue is fine, but I am noticing much more hanging and program freezing with it than I ever experienced with CN.



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Dear, the matter of fact is that twitter has changed its method how to authorize your twitter account for your twitter’s client.

Chicken nugget has not updated it that’s why you are not able to login.

Now you have no option other than changing your twitter’s client.

I therefore would like to advise you to use TWBlue.

In order to download the latest TWBlue,

please click the following link


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Subject: Re: jfe and chicken nugget


I can report the exact same issue. But in my case, I had Chicken Nugget working well until a dialog box appeared saying that there was an error when logging-in. After that I was unable to log back in since the browser window never opened.

Did somebody else find this issue?. If so, could you find a workaround for it?.




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Hey guys,


OK, hoping someone can help.  So i just installed chicken nugget on this computer.  All went well.  i went to go add an existing twitter account.  It said it opened up a browser window.  It said please log in with the brower window that was just opened.  1 problem, no browser window is open.  Any ideas why?








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