Re: Excel reading problem on Surface tablet

Jeremy <jeremy.richards7@...>

Hi tom,

Since this Surface Pro is a new computer, are you certain it is on desktop
mode and not tablet mode? To check try this...

1. use the Start menu search box to look for the following:
Tablet mode settings

2. After opening tablet mode settings, the following is the very first item
you should land on:
When I sign in Combo box: Use X mode
Note: X stands for the various options in this combo box.

I should note that when I first purchased my Windows 10 tablet, it was
originally set to Tablet mode, and I had to use the arrow keys to change
this setting so my tablet would behave more like a desktop than a tablet.

I also want to add that on these lists individuals quickly throw around the
idea of performing a JAWS repair, but this isn't always necessary. In many
cases, users make lots of customizations to JAWS, and when a JAWS repair is
performed, these customizations are undone, which means setting up JAWS once
again--this takes time and effort. :)

Please let me know if my suggestion above helped in any way, and we'll take
it from there. :)


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Subject: Excel reading problem on Surface tablet

My name is Tom Babinszki, I just joined the list.
I have an interesting Excel reading problem.
I just got a Surface Pro running Windows 10 Pro.
I am not able to navigate excel sheets. When I press a cursor key, nothing
happens. There are two exceptions, one when I press a cursor key while
starting Excel, or when I switch over to it while running JAWS repair.

It works just fine with NVDA and Narrator. I did try the same Excel sheet
with the latest version of JAWS on Windows 7, that works too.
Here is what I have tried:
I repaired and reinstalled JAWS. Currently I'm running the latest version,
but I also tried JAWS 18 and 17, same results.
I did call Freedom, they gave me some new scripts to install but to be
honest it even broke what already worked.

Also, it maybe worth mentioning that I am able to read the workbooks on the
Surface using the touch cursor, but that is limited, and since I do a lot of
keyboard entry the cursor navigation is necessary.

Thank you for any help:


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