Re: "Fast Startup" sound akin to Startup Sound, could we get one?

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Hi Mike,


I pressed enter on the link and the website pened up in Chrome, not sure why it doesn’t for you, but in case it helps I have copied the link after the website opened and I am including it below:







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Subject: Re: "Fast Startup" sound akin to Startup Sound, could we get one?


Hi Jeremy,


I couldn't get the link to work no matter how I tried to edit / post / search for it.  Do you have another URL?  Thanks much.

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Subject: Re: "Fast Startup" sound akin to Startup Sound, could we get one?


Hi all,


Because this issue of a startup sound is of great concern to many people on these blindness related lists, all opinions will be given quite a bit of scrutiny, so here goes my opinion. J


One doesn’t really need any sort of confirmation the computer has shut down since one can hear the computer fans and alike no longer spinning, not to mention closing the lid will also insure a laptop is in sleep mode or shut down. One can also tap the keyboard to insure the computer has actually gone into shut down mode. It has not been a problem for me at all, and I’ve been using Windows 10 since day one on my very quiet laptop. I do admit that this issue did bother me at first, and I did all the crazy stuff many have tried including registry hacks that never did work or that Microsoft disabled upon next operating system upgrade.


The following utility did work very, very well and is 100% accessible. This utility will let you know when your computer is turning on and when it is shutting down—it says using the Narrator voice “hello” and “goodbye.” I originally installed it to play a short beep every hour on the hour as well as for automatically maximizing all Windows. This utility has lots of great features, and it is incredibly stable. I believe the software developer is a fellow blind person but nevertheless a very talented programmer. I should also add that I’m using this utility while my laptop is on fast startup.


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Subject: "Fast Startup" sound akin to Startup Sound, could we get one?


While this is not directly JAWS related, the issue of lack of a "coming back from being shut down when using Fast Startup" sound, as well as the lack of the good, old-fashioned shutdown sound, under Windows 10 comes up repeatedly on virtually every screen reader related group I'm participating in.  

I have just created feedback related to both, and here's the click-through link to the Windows 10 Feedback Hub for it (which, of course, only works for Windows 10 users):

               "Fast Startup" sound akin to Startup Sound, could we get one?

If this is an accessibility issue for you, please review this feedback and upvote it so that it will garner more attention.

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