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Hi Joe,
The steps below are for WLM, but should work in OE as well.
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If you're using the 2011 version of windows live mail, then the graphics which
indicate unread, attachment, etc are not labeled by default. Hopefully, this
will be fixed soon in an update to jaws 12. However, you can label these
yourself, as follows:
1. Open windows live mail.
2. Normally, Jaws is set not to read any unlabeled graphics.  To temporarily
change this setting so that it reads them, so that you can find them and label
them: press insert+v to open the adjust jaws options dialog; press G until you
get to the item Graphics - labeled; press spacebar to cycle to the next option
for this setting which is graphics - all, and then press enter to press the
default close button.
3. When jaws reads a message in the message list, it now reads each unlabeled
graphic as graphic followed by a number, and these all occur before the senders
name. The graphic to label as unread is graphic 656. Other unlabeled graphics
include graphic 160 which indicates attachment, and if you use the conversation
view, then graphics 563 and 105 indicate
collapsed and expanded respectively. Note that graphic 294 indictates a read
message, and you'll probably want to leave this graphic unlabeled.
4. To label a graphic, for example graphic 656 as unread: move to a message in
the list which is unread, that is jaws says graphic 656 when reading it; press
insert + numpad minus to route the jaws cursor to the pc cursor - this places
the jaws cursor at the beginning of the senders name; press left arrow till you
get to graphic 656; press insert + g to open the graphics labeler dialog; the
initial focus is a label edit box, with the text graphic 656 selected; type
unread, and the press enter to press the default ok button.
5. Repeat step 4 to label any other unlabeled graphics that you want to label.
6. If you close and reopen windows live mail, the jaws setting for reading
graphics will have returned to just reading labeled graphics.

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hi all   
I am using out look express windows 10 and jaws 18
so  when a mail comes in jaws doesnt say which of my mails are read and unread, I think on my last Pc I had to lable some sort of symbal or icon but I cant recall how i did this, so can any one tell me what I need to do to make jaws tell me which of my mails are unread.
so thats my first question now my second one is if I try to check my spelling and grammar  normaly I would press f7  and it would do it  but  this isnt working and if i go to tools  the spelling and grammar option is disabled. but it works ok in microsoft word,.
so can any one offer any advice ?
thanks in advance Joe
thanks in advance Joe

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