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Like the subject line says, download links + what's new is below.
32 Bit:
64 Bit:
Enhancements in JAWS 2018.1808.10 (August 2018)
The following is a list of improvements made in JAWS 2018 between the July 2018 update and the August 2018 update.
Skype now offers three options on Windows 10.
1. You can continue using Skype Classic which is version 7 and works very well with JAWS. Note that Skype Classic is expected to be retired at some point
not yet known.
2. You can download and install the new Desktop version 8, which is now supported in this latest JAWS 2018 August update. See details below.
3. You can install the Universal App from the Microsoft Store. However, this is the least accessible at this time and we recommend you install Skype 7
or 8 for the best support.
For users moving to Skype 8, please be certain to download the version referred to as "Skype for Windows" which works well on Windows 10. Note that the
Universal App we are not recommending is referred to as "Skype for Windows 10".
For those using Skype version 8, we have added some additional keystrokes to help with navigation since these options are not offered in Skype. These commands
• Move to the chat entry field: CTRL+INSERT+E
• Move to the chat history list: CTRL+INSERT+Y
• Move to the conversations list: CTRL+INSERT+N
You can also use the JAWS command INSERT+W while focused on Skype for a list of most of the keyboard commands you would want to know when using Skype.
For a full list from Microsoft, please visit the
Skype Hotkeys Web Page.
Tip: You can assign a keystroke such as ALT+CTRL+S to the Skype icon on the Desktop to quickly open Skype to answer an incoming call. If you are in another
application and you receive an incoming call alert, you can press your shortcut keystroke to open Skype, press INSERT+UP ARROW or INSERT+TAB to read the
caller information, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+P or use TAB to choose Answer or Decline.
Other Changes
• Resolved an issue in Excel from Office 365 where JAWS was not correctly reading the contents of cells after pressing F2 to edit.
• If Contracted Braille Input is enabled, resolved an issue where various JAWS and Windows commands were not working as expected when performed from a
braille display such as the Focus Blue.
• Resolved a reported issue with the text of links in the JAWS Virtual Viewer not being shown on the braille display if status cells were turned off.
• Addressed a reported issue where the Amazon Kindle app would stop working when attempting to read tables in certain books.
• When configuring the High, Medium, or Low web verbosity levels in Settings Center, the start and end announcements for regions can now be turned off
or on in Edge.
• Addressed visual tracking issues with JAWS and Fusion when navigating web pages in Firefox 60 and later using the ARROW keys and Navigation Quick Keys.
• A customer reported that JAWS would unexpectedly stop speaking while navigating a particular document in Word. This is now fixed.
• When using the INSERT+SHIFT+R or WINDOWS+SEMICOLON commands in word to list revisions or display revisions in the Virtual Viewer, if the document contains
a lot of revisions, JAWS now plays a sound every few seconds as the list is being built. After 30 seconds, if all revisions have not yet been found, JAWS
plays a different tone, and only the revisions found up to that point are displayed.
• Resolved an issue where JAWS could sometimes close unexpectedly while reading an Outlook message using Say All.
• JAWS now includes a Turkish language braille table which can be selected in the Computer Braille Tables dialog box in Settings Center.
• Corrected the pronunciation of some symbols in the French version of JAWS.
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