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Hi Brian,


Though my suggestion below doesn’t directly answer your question regarding forms on the internet, Freedom Scientific has the following resource for those learning their way around the internet.


Surf's Up! Surfing the Internet with JAWS and MAGic –


Learn to use JAWS® screen reading software and MAGic® screen magnification software to read and navigate the Internet! Do you want to become a power JAWS

or MAGic user on the World Wide Web? Do you want to learn how JAWS or MAGic can help you navigate the vast resources of entertainment, education, and information

available on the Web? Surf's Up! - Surfing the Internet with JAWS and MAGic will teach you to use JAWS and MAGic to read and work with all types of HTML

pages, such as Web sites, Help systems, Web-based applications, and more. You'll learn how to use the powerful features of JAWS and MAGic to get the most

out of surfing the Web.


For new users, these pages present information and exercises that are designed to be followed in a specific order. If you skip around, you may miss some

important information, so it is recommended that you go through it the first time in the order shown below from beginning to end. In addition, many of

the exercise pages and keystroke command pages in Surf's Up either open in new browser windows or in new browser tabs, depending on how your version of

any particular browser is set up. You can press ALT+TAB to move between the different open windows, or CTRL+TAB to move between different tab pages in

the current browser session. Also remember to close the open windows by pressing ALT+F4 when you are finished with them, or close a single tab page by

pressing CTRL+F4.







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 hello all,
Can anyone suggest websites that you like to use when somebody needs to practice working on a form using Jaws?  if so would you please share

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