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In my experience, I can usually tell when I have incorrectly entered my password, so I simply select all, delete, and type the password once again. I don't have to leave the edit field at all so its all incredibly easy to fix typing errors in a password field.

As for password managers, there's several of them, so LastPass isn't your only option. I really like KeePass and have been using it for about 8 years problem-free. KeePass has never failed me.

Most of the time, its user error or the user's lack of experience with a software product which can explain problems with an application.



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at least when i can hear what i type i know when i have made a mistake and backspace to retype the characters before i send them.
and with most sites you only get 3 chances before you are locked out of your account.
when i got locked out of kiaser site i had to wait a week for them to snale mail me a tempory password to reset my account.
password managers?
what good are they when they forget the passwords they have stored in them?
this happened several times a month when i was useing lastpass. no thanks. had to request a account password reset each time this happened.

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People are under the misconception that if you can hear your password as you
type it, you’ll somehow magically be a better typist or make less typos in this
particular field. Yeah. No . . . You’ll at best only hear yourself make a typo
or more likely second guess what you typed.

This really is much ado about nothing. We make typos. Sighted folks make typos.
This won’t be some sort of magic bullet.

And again, folks should be using some sort of password manager anyway.

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Unfortunately, I have had happen several times, when I am in the proper
password field where the password is being spoken as I type and I have to tab
and shift to correct that, probably a focus issue, but I don’t like it when it

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I was unaware other screen readers echoed the characters. When typed as pass
words. The question I have for those who advocate the pass word key echo being
an option is this: There are times I find myself in a user name form field.
Rather than in the pass word form field. In fact, I did so today. When I
heard the beginning of my pass word, I immediately realized I was in the wrong
form field. Wouldn't those advocating pass words being echoed have a similar
problem. Should their request not be honored by the web site on which they
were. Due to their not understanding they were using the incorrect form field?

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By the way, Brian, we’re not asking that the passwords be shown on the screen,
only key echoed, the same way keys are echoed when we have JAWS set to echo

Bill White

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On Sat, Aug 18, 2018 at 04:08 PM, Bill White wrote:

The security argument is spurious.

No, it's not. And just for the record I have no direct or indirect ties to

If something like this exists it is 100% certain, at one point or another, to
be accidentally turned on. That alone is reason enough on security grounds to
say, "No"


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