Re: What backup software can we use with jaws?

Jed Barton <jedbarton@...>

Hey guys. So speaking of backup software, got something i wanna do.
I ahve a feeling it won't be easy.
I do a lot of work with audio and have several tb of audio, including
audio projects that i can't lose. Looking for a good place to put
them for safe keeping. It includes a lot of audio music beds and
stuff, not for distrobution, just for safe keeping. Any ideas for a
good solution for this. I've got about 8 TB worth of stuff. I know,
not an easy task.

On 8/20/18, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
Steve provides the link to this backup software which, as the name implies,
backs up your files and sytem. If you click on the link you will be able to
read the following summary:

Backup Everything!
Discover the renowned backup, restore, and synchronisation software
. Backup to disk, network, FTP, the Cloud, MTP, email, Windows, Linux, macOS
& Android!

Discounts & Bundles

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Subject: Re: What backup software can we use with jaws?

can you tell me about this backup software, what does it do?

On 8/20/18, Steve Nutt <> wrote:

Yes, Syncback, or Syncback Pro from

All the best


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Subject: What backup software can we use with jaws?

Hi list members, does anyone know of backup software that we can use with

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