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Hi David,


I also received the warning “Windows protected  your PC” or something like that. You can simply tab to “More Info”, activate that and then tab to “Install anyways”, after that the installation proceeds normally.





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I'd like to talk to doug lee concerning what I experienced when trying to download the jaws scripts for audible.  What happened when I downloaded the jaws scripts for audible was that I tried to install them and I got a message saying that the jaws scripts were blocked by windowsdefender.  I have jaws2018 on my system as a demo.  That is why I didn't install the jaws scripts for youtube.

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Hi All,


Thought some might be interested in this from this weeks edition of Top Tech Tidbits:


16. A. Doug Lee has JAWS scripts for YouTube:



16. B. And is developing scripts for the Win10 Audible app:


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