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Bill White

Security wise, it could not be a default option, and should only be able to be implemented by an administrator.


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I forgot the particular situation in which this took place.  But, I recall being on the phone with another totally blind person.  I was amazed to hear his screen reader, as we spoke.  Apparently, he was educated in Africa.  He was delegated to do the typing, when he was a child, for the nuns who ran the residential school in which he was educated, in the 1960's.  The head phones, then available, were quite heavy; and caused much distress to those who wore them.  As a result, to this day, he refuses to wear them.  He is a professor, at a University.  I can imagine how his attitude concerning the use of head phones might effect any perceived security issues.  However, he has been such a fine typist.  He would not require such an option.  I also have a further question.  If Foe were to incorporate this option, would it be a default option?  I would hope it wouldn't.  I, personally, would find it to be a bother to turn such an option off. 

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I would never advocate using spoken passwords in a public or employment situation. Even if we are employed at home, if we are on the phone with someone, they could hear our spoken password.

The problem being, Bill, while yours is a sensible position having this be a user toggle is, from a computer security assessment perspective, an accident waiting to happen.  And it would.

VFO is erring on the side of caution in a situation where caution is desirable, nay, necessary.

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