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one problem i had with one password manager last pass was it would forget some of the passwords and i had to re enter them again. if i was not useing my own passwords saved on a flash drive i would of been locked out of my accounts.
maybe the web sites were blocking the use of password managers? i don't know.
so i don't use them anymore.

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Hi all,
The only security risk I can’t imagine eliminating is that of a shoulder surfer. If I were concerned about my password being captured while entering it, I’d have it ready to refer to it in either a braille format (like a braille note taker or a 3x5 card) so a synthesizer won’t announce it, or on some synthesizer enabled device (like a smart phone) and a head set to let me hear the characters and no one else. Yes, it’s a pain to have no feed back during keying, but that’s where practice, patience, and sometimes a pair of ear buds come in handy. Alternatively, I’d use a password manager and bypass the storage device and headset altogether. But then I prefer to depend on my own skills for access and security.

Shabbat shalom,

Bill Tessore

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The security argument is spurious.No, it's not. And just for the record I have no direct or indirect ties to VFO.

If something like this exists it is 100% certain, at one point or another, to be accidentally turned on. That alone is reason enough on security grounds to say, "No."


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