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Don H

Let us see I am a former aerospace Engineer and hold a masters in computer science. My old fingers are stiff in my old age from all the typing I have done in the past.

On 8/18/2018 7:50 PM, Gene Stevens wrote:
As a blind person and former employer there is no way I’d allow this at my work place. If you can’t remember and type your password well enough to not hear it echoed back to you you aren’t computer literate enough to hold the job you have.
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On Sat, Aug 18, 2018 at 04:34 PM, Bill White wrote:
By the way, Brian, we’re not asking that the passwords be shown on
the screen, only key echoed, the same way keys are echoed when we
have JAWS set to echo characters.
I understand precisely what's being asked for, and it should not be provided if one has a scintilla of concern for keeping passwords secure.
After 35 years in IT, and witnessing firsthand all the things that "can't happen" and "shouldn't happen," particularly when there is the high potential for human error, one puts in place roadblocks to precisely that kind of error.
Anyone, and I do mean anyone, should be able to remember their own chosen password or use a password manager.
The convenience of hearing one's keystrokes echoed with the letters struck for a password field cannot be justified, though as I've witnessed, repeatedly, many will try.
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