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Don H

GW micro window Eyes had the option before Jaws caused its demise. NVDA users asked for it and a quick addon was made to allow it. Don't want it don't install the addon.

On 8/18/2018 7:21 PM, Angel wrote:

I was unaware other screen readers echoed the characters.  When typed as pass words.  The question I have for those who advocate the pass word key echo being an option is this:  There are times I find myself in a user name form field.  Rather than in the pass word form field.  In fact, I did so today.  When I heard the beginning of my pass word, I immediately realized I was in the wrong form field. Wouldn't those advocating pass words being echoed have a similar problem. Should their request not be honored by the web site on which they were. Due to their not understanding they were using the incorrect form field?
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By the way, Brian, we’re not asking that the passwords be shown on
the screen, only key echoed, the same way keys are echoed when we
have JAWS set to echo characters.
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The security argument is spurious.
No, it's not.   And just for the record I have no direct or indirect
ties to VFO.
If something like this exists it is 100% certain, at one point or
another, to be accidentally turned on.  That alone is reason enough
on security grounds to say, "No"
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