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Don H

How about us old men who can't type well and are using their computers at home. Make it a option that can be easily disabled.

On 8/18/2018 7:30 PM, Angel wrote:
I am talking, also, about the perceptions potential employers have regarding the capabilities of blind individuals.  If we have any desire, whatever, to become an employee; shouldn't we be expected to type at least as well as our sighted counterparts.  Who are seeking the same position as are we?  If not, this lowers the expectations for all blind individuals.  If a Jaws user employs an assist, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking.  Because they might have a problem using their hands.  Would Dragon Naturally Speaking be expected to also speak the characters of ones pass words?  Would this not compromise a companies security.  Or, might the potential employer believe it might?  This causing a blind person to attempt to debunk another possible myth.  Held by sighted employers?
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Since in such a situation you would probably have a set of headphones attached so everyone would not be bothered by the noise your idea doesn't hold water.

On 8/18/2018 2:31 PM, Angel wrote:

I also believe, if there is ever the idea given to sighted employers that we blind individuals might required spoken pass words; they will have another excuse not to hire us. They will believe spoken pass words will further compromise their companies security.

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        because sighted people can see the keyboard. we can not.

    So? Most people do not "hunt and peck" type, whether passwords or
    anything else. They're not looking at the keyboard in the vast
    majority of cases. We (as I am part of the group "sighted people")
    fat finger our passwords all the time and have to re-enter them.

    As far as I'm concerned, VFO has it right. Passwords should never
    be spoken, letter by letter, as they are typed in, anywhere. A user
    is expected to remember them or use a password manager, and most of
    those can shoot you right to the webpage and enter the login id and
    password both, if conventional coding methods, rather than pop-up
    sign-in boxes, are used.

    Speaking password character entry entirely defeats the intention of
    passwords to begin with.

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