Re: Braille edge 40 and jaws

Richard Turner

I believe you also have to install the driver from the HIMS web site, but that may have changed.
Once it is functioning as a braille display, you just press spacebar-dot7--t, which toggles typing mode on and off.
Dot 7 is also known as the backspace key.
I have a braille edge running with Jaws 2018.

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On Aug 17, 2018, at 8:10 AM, david <davidmac1957@...> wrote:

Good morning all;

A friend wants me to assist her in setting up her braille display with the current version of jaws.

I understand to setup the braille display I need to go to synthesizer and braille manager,

once I do this, is there a setting to change so she can use the display to type instead of using the laptop keyboard?

In advance thanks for the help.


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