Really really simple backup question


I have read all of the posts and have understood about ten percent of the information.

So let me ask a few really simple questions for those of us who were very lost through these whole conversations.


So far, I’ve just backed up certain folders I really cared about on to an external hard drive, but this meant that my contacts and email files from Outlook were not backed up and also my programs.


What is the difference between a backup, a differential backup, an integral backup, a system backup?

I’m totally lost.

What if I wanted to get a complete backup of my system, and had no idea at all which program to get?

Where would be even a good starting point for a person who has never once done an image or complete backup? By that I mean like a picture of the whole system?

I don’t even know if I’m asking these questions correctly!

But I’m pretty lost and would like to attempt this.

Would I need an external drive with nothing else on it?

Is the Microsoft product a good starting place for a person who has never done anything like this before?

Or would one of the other programs you mentioned be a better starting place?

I don’t expect total accessibility and know I might need sighted assistance.





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