Re: What backup software can we use with jaws?


On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 09:34 AM, Maria Campbell wrote:
If it's frustrating for those who care, how much more frustrating is it for those who don't?

           Those who don't have had the option to mute a thread since day one.   I have posted, repeatedly, about how to control the e-mail messages you (the generic you, not you, Maria) get from    Here it is again:

                        Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from


             If any reader of is lazy enough not to bother to learn the features that would make their lives much easier, that are easily accessed, and have been explained in detail then that's really no one's problem but their own.  I'm certainly not going to take the slightest bit of responsibility for someone saying, "my inbox is flooded," because they've had the ability to control that and elected not to use it.

             I'm sure I'll be posting that set of instructions until the cows come home, but even that's a favor.

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