Re: What backup software can we use with jaws?

Steve Matzura

OH David, I'm with ya on that! There's a difference between answering the same question over and over, and replying to a message that says the answer(s) is (or were) not understood. I have no problem with the latter; it's the former gives me fits. LOL. Example: where's the store? First answerer: over there. Where's the store? Second answerer: Did you not hear the person who just told you it's over there? Where's the store? Third answerer: Dammit, I just heard two people tell you. One more time, it's over freaking there! Second example: Where's the store? It's over there. Sorry, I can't see where you're pointing. Could you, would you, please tell me in more substantive terms, such as, it's straight ahead, down the block. Oh, right ... it's behind you and across the street. There were just so many back-and-forths yesterday just like that. I got the impression nobody was reading anything.

On 8/16/2018 6:35 PM, David & his pack of dogs wrote:

Playing devil’s advocate as they say, if the same answer is given and it does not answer the question, what good is it.  It would be like a blind person asking for directions and the sighted person just says, “Over there!”  Makes no difference how many times that sighted person says, “Over there” The blind person will not understand the directions. What’s involved, the person asking the question to be specific in what they want, then listening to the response and the person giving the answer has to be listening to the question in the first place not just rabbiting on with some scripted answer.  I have talked to such people so am not making that analysis up.  Communication goes both ways.  If a person brought in their computer or phoned into a help line and the person at the other end asked what the problem was, then got the response, “It does not work.” That is far too vague and it is up to the person asking to draw the person out.    

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