Re: What backup software can we use with jaws?

Steve Matzura

Brian, et al.:

While JAWS is useful to access programs to make backups, restoring one's system disk using JAWS as one's screenreader is next to not possible. There are backup programs that create a special partition in which JAWS can be installed and run so boot-drive restores can be done using it, but most of the programs that offer this facility aren't accessible, with or without JAWS. That's why one needs to know one's options for booting external media that has a screenreader installed on it. The Windows Pre-installation Environment is just one of those options. If one has Windows 10 version 1803, Narrator is a viable alternative.

Re your comment about downloading and booting the WinPE and trying to start some kind of speech on it, if I didn't imply or specifically state this before, there's nought you have to do to start NVDA on that thing. If you would just follow some of your own advice and read, really and truly read, the provided documentation before cranking it up, you'll be quite pleased with the results. Back in the old days, the watchword was always RTFM--read the fine manual. Unfortunately, many manuals were poorly written and in a lot of cases woefully incomplete and sometimes out-of-date for the programs they documented, so many people fell out of this practice. But today, things are vastly better, and the programs those manuals document are vastly more complex, so manual-reading is, in my unhumble opinion, a must for first-timers, and a good place to go to get quick and accurate answers for even us crusty curmudgeon veterans. It never ceases to confound me as to why someone would buy a piece of technology and not want to learn as much about it as they could from its provided documentation. OK, I own a television, but while I don't care or even need to care about how TV works, I do know and care about how to use it--its menus, options, what media it can play, what it can connect to, etc. If folks would do a bit more manual-reading, and asking questions about what they read that they don't understand, people would get a lot more work done  in a lot less time. These computers with which we all have love-hate relationships, they ain't toasters, ya know. That is to say, they're complex machines that require care and occasional maintenance.

On 8/16/2018 5:36 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 03:27 PM, Steve Matzura wrote:
That is the reason behind my frustration--not that you asked the questions--no, not at all--but that others asked them, I and others answered them, yet the same questions keep coming up in the thread, which indicates to me that nobody's reading the messages.
Trust me, no one more than myself understands and shares this frustration.  I am virtually driven mad on the various blind technology lists I'm on by the frequency of the same question being asked, or the same answer being given (and, yes, this is frustrating) over, and over, and over again because folks just won't read through an entire thread before making their next contribution.  I've said this, more than once, but it falls on deaf ears.  It makes understanding a conversation, and particularly in retrospect if reviewing an archive, hellishly more difficult.

The point I am now trying to make, and was trying to make, is that the nature of the information shared on this thread has been fragmentary, at best, and not entirely clear.

I full well intend to download the Windows PE from the sites mentioned and see if I can fire up either Narrator or NVDA or any kind of speech, as I have never experienced this firsthand and will openly admit that I "won't believe it until I hear it."

I am also frustrated by the fact that it seems a very large number of participants do not understand the difference between Windows 10 bootable media, which allows one to use Windows System Protection to attempt to roll back to a prior restore point, or to do things like trying to repair startup, with Windows PE, which is an entirely different animal used for entirely different (or at least almost entirely different) reasons.

I've been in this business for decades now, and when people are saying that you can do something that has, historically, been impossible it is really, really helpful if they can be crystal clear about what special workarounds are required (and it sounds like the alternate WinPE is one of those) and the specific steps needed to "pull it all together" even if a tutorial is not presented at the time.

Even though it's "heresy" on a JAWS forum, I don't care one whit whether the pre-Windows steps are accessible with JAWS or not.  I just care that they are accessible in some way with tools that can be obtained by anyone that needs them, at no cost, and are fairly straightforward for that demographic.  Very often "single environment" tools are required to do anything prior to the booting of the OS with which one is intimately (or not so intimately) familiar.

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