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Hi Jessica,


After I went to Paprika’s website and clicked on support the Submit a Request link was pretty easy to find. It’s a straight forward webform where you fill in your email address, a subject, details about your issue and a few other pieces of information about the device you use, your version of Paprika and operating system etc. You can click on the link I probided and it will take you straight there.


Good luck,



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Subject: Re: paprika recipe manager?



Yes, if anyone could figure out how to contact the developers, please let me know. I would love to get a fully accessible version of this for windows. It works great on iOS, android, and the Mac.

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Hi Bill,


I think Jessica misspelled, she wrote “100% enaccessible” instead of 100% inaccessible”.

I bought the Paprika Windows app a few years ago when it was still a desktop app and it was very inaccessible then, I assume they maybe have a Windows 10 app now, whether it’s designed as a UWP app or just a ported desktop app I don’t know. Anyhow, you can use it on an iPhone where it is actually extremely accessible. Yes, it would be nice if the Windows version were also accessible since I could imagine it would be easier if you wanted to bring some of your own recipes into Paprika to do this on a PC. I actually have quite a lot of recipes which I simply saved as text files and if I could use Paprika on the PC I could just make a new reccipe and then copy and paste from Notepad into Paprika, but sadly for now this is not an option.






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Subject: Re: paprika recipe manager?


Hi, Jessica. If the app is 100% accessible, what do you need JAWS to fix?


Bill White



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Subject: paprika recipe manager?



I’m a huge fan of Paprika recipe manager.


I’m using jaws 18, with windows 10.


This app is 100% enaccessible.


Can jaws fix this?





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