Re: What backup software can we use with jaws?


On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 07:57 PM, Isaac wrote:
In particular I am talking about image for windows, how can I copy the image bit by bit as not to loose licenses?
You keep asking this question as though "bit-by-bit" is the one and only way this can be done.

Disc cloning is, bit-by-bit (or, more accurately, block by block) duplication of an existing disc to another.  The target disc can be either larger or smaller than the source disc so long as the entirety of the actual data and empty space in formatted partitions can fit on the target disc.

Each and every system image backup utility, which does not literally do a bit by bit clone, can and does reconstruct a system on the physical disc to which the image is being restored such that all user data, software, licenses, etc., are completely intact.  That's its whole reason for being, and it is preferred to cloning since a full system image backup does not require it's own dedicated drive, like a clone does.  I have 5 different systems in my household backed up on two external backup drives and still have plenty of space on each of those respective drives for other uses when I need it.

There is nothing about keeping your licenses and everything else that need involve cloning, and typically it won't involve cloning.  Some people, though, do use disc cloning as their backup method, but that requires sacrificing the ability to use the drives cloned to for any other purpose, or at least the portion taken up by the exact amount of partitioned space from the drive that was cloned.  One could, in theory, create a separate partition in free space beyond the physical limit of the cloned area itself.  But talk about going around Jake's barn to do something, no, thanks.

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